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JBaileyStudio.com offers high-quality services & innovative products throughout it’s various website’s. We offer logo design services, resume and cover letter services, as well as domain sales. All services are free of charge, we simply as for a donation for our work. We have no hidden fees, no charges, nothing, you get to decide what our work is worth to you and you can make a donation to us for our work. This applies to all of our sites with the exception of Placefinders.net where we buy and sell website domains. If we have a domain that you’d like to purchase from us, we will negotiate a reasonable price (under value) and you may make a donation to receive the domain name.

JBaileyStudio.com stands behind all of it’s work and strives to provide the best services available on the internet. We are dedicated to providing the best services possible through out site’s and you will find unparalleled service, quality, and dedication from our team.


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